Are you struggling to be the best dad you can be? Do you know whats best for your child but the system favors the mother, and her choices are geared not for the child but hatred toward you? Join us in unique support group experience, where anyone male or female can come together as dads to fight for what is right. Traditionally mom has stayed home to care for baby while dad has gone for work to provide, this isn’t the case anymore. Often times its mom that goes to work and dad that stays home to care for baby. No matter the age of your child, it takes a mature individual to conclude, a child needs both his/her parents. The deep state is geared in such a way not to hear what is best for the children but to collect federal grant dollars on the cases it opens or closes.

You as a parent is looked at from a society that has been indoctrinated and taught fictional beliefs. But as you read the bible you will confirm it is the father that leads the family the way Jesus leads the church. Mom’s from the time of Adam and Eve may have turned their back to God but it doesn’t mean you have to. God has you already dear child, we’re going to stand together under our heavenly father and fight for our babies together!

Come with me as I take you on a journey of awakening, self reliance, and perseverance. We will put together group dollars in purchasing attorney time for the whole group or voted toward a group member in need. We will show up together and stand behind the fathers in court proceedings wearing our shirts, “Dads 4 Equal Rights.” Getting together to share experiences, swapping stories, designing an agenda to fulfill, new ideas for a win, and general conception for future planing of our broken families and our children. We will empower each-other to continue the fight.